How to do a Global Change of Property Manager   


In REST, you have the ability to do a global change to change a portfolio from one manager type to another.

This document will cover changing a Property Manager that you would like to allocate an existing portfolio and maintenance tasks in REST to another Property Manager / User.


  1. Do a backup of your data. Rename the backup i.e.
  2. Go to Files > User and add in the new User/Manager details (see document “Adding a New User in REST”)
  3. Ensuring you have the highest security level access in REST, access the ‘Global Changes’ Menu via Other > Utilities > Global Changes. REST will now prompt you to run a backup, click OK if you have completed the backup.
  4. Click on Move Portfolio Tab

  1. Tick Change Property Manager (or select other Manager if required)

  • From– Select the Property Manager that is currently assigned the portfolio
  • To – Select the New Property Manager
  1. Click Change
  2. Click OK when prompted “The selected portfolios will be changed, do you want to continue?
  3. REST will now display a summary of the amount of properties and/or diary items allocated to the new Property Manager.

  1. Ensure all users are then logged out of REST, then conduct a System Recovery via Other > System Recovery.
  2. Go to Files > User
  3. Click on SEARCH F7 and locate the old User/Manager. You can now change this user to Inactive if required
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