Managing Legislative Compliance

Compliance Setup-up and Reminders

Legislation is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep track of which buildings have and haven't become compliant. STRATA Master allows you to keep regular reminders and easy to view status updates at your fingertips so that you never let a building slip through the cracks again.

This tip shows how you can manage new legislation requirements across your portfolio, using a combination of the compliance register and the reminders function.

Additional Materials

To get the most out of the compliance functionality, make sure your reminders have been set up. You can find more information on Reminders Setup and Use Guide or view a pre-recorded webinar on Managing Reminders for Diary Entries

Compliance Register Wizard

You have better things to do than add compliance items to the register for every single building! That's why this week you'll learn how to allocate compliance types in bulk so that when a new compliance comes in you can spend minutes rather than hours updating your portfolio.

20/03/2018 5:19 pm AEDT

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