REST Professional Management Reports Calculations

Ownership report

Number of Owners with properties Totals the number of owners who have properties attached. Does not include owners marked as internal.
Number of Properties Includes common properties
Total Rent $/month Looks to tenant and if property has no tenants then looks to property. If more than one tenant, looks to last tenant
Total Commission
Looks to tenant and if property has no tenants then looks to property. If more than one tenant, looks to last tenant. Looks to column 1 only

Management Report

Does not include arrears, vacancies, rental or management fee information for holiday properties

The report includes information on active owners, properties and tenants only.

No of owners  Counts owners not marked internal with properties attached. Calculation: This figure is calculated by total owners on ownership report minus owners with no properties attached.
No of properties Common properties not included. Calculation: This is calculated by total number of properties from Property Detail Report.
Average properties per owner Calculation: Number of properties divided by the number of
owners with properties.
No of vacant properties Properties without a current tenant that are not marked for renovation and are marked to relet. Excludes common and holiday properties. Calculation: Total number of properties on vacancy report.
No of rented properties All properties with a current tenant that are not marked for renovation and are marked to relet. Calculation: Total properties minus vacant properties minus not for relet properties
No of properties not for relet Calculation: The number of properties either marked as renovation or not marked for relet
Vacancy Rate Vacant properties as a percentage of all properties Calculation: Number of vacant properties divided by total number of properties expressed as a percentage.
No of Tenants in arrears This works on days in arrears only. It operated on the actual paid to date and not the effective paid to date. However if the option it ticked to use effective arrears it will use effective paid to date. Looks only at the first tenant column
No of Tenants by payment period This looks at the first character of the payment method only. Ie M12 is counted as monthly. Calculation: Uses tenant status report for payment period of each tenant. If there is more than one active tenant on a property it only counts the tenant with the later paid to date.
Gross Annual Rent Rent collected if all properties were let. Looks to Tenant Rent first. If There are no tenants, then looks to property rent. Uses first tenant column only so does not include outgoings. If more than one tenant takes the latest tenant, Calculation: Daily multiplied by 7 multiplied by 52 for daily rents. Weekly multiplied by 52 for weekly/fortnightly rents Monthly multiplied by 12 for monthly rents.
Gross Monthly rent Calculation: Gross Annual Rent divided by 12
Gross monthly Management fees on rent Management fees that would be payable if all properties were let. If property is vacant, uses property rent and management fee, otherwise it uses the most recent tenant details. Calculates management fee on annual rent then divides by 12 for monthly. Calculates on first tenant column only so does not include fees on outgoings.

Ave Management fee on rent

Adds all the property management fee rates and the tenant management fee rates separately. It takes whichever is the greater and uses it to calculate the average management fee. Eg. Total Property Management Fee / number of properties
Gross monthly outgoings Includes all rental amounts from tenant columns 2 to 9.

Gross monthly management fees on outgoings                                                     

Calculates management fee on annual rents for tenant columns 2 to 9 and then divides by 12 for monthly.
Average weekly rent per property Gross annual rent / 52 / number of properties
Average monthly rent per property Gross monthly rent / number of properties
Average gross monthly rent per owner Gross monthly rent / number of owners with properties
Total number of lettable properties Total number of properties that are flagged for relet Calculation: Total figure on Vacancy report with include occupied option ticked.
Total number of properties gained

For Versions 10.0.03 or lower:

The number of properties that have an Authority Start date within the selected period.

For Versions 10.5.03 or higher:

The number of properties that have a Management Gained Date entered within the selected period.

Total Number of properties lost

For Versions 9.5.03 or lower: 

The number of properties that have been archived during the selected period.

For Versions 10.0.01 or higher: 

The number of properties that have a “Management Lost Date” Entered in this period.

Nett Value Gain The increase in management fees that could be collected.

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