Add an Additional Debtor in Strata Master

The additional debtor function makes it easier to charge an entity that regularly owes the owners corporation money for something – like advertising space or a telecom tower. It can be used for charging neighbours for dividing fences.

The use of additional debtors allows for Misc Invoices to be issued, receipts against those invoices and a report is available in Formatted reports to enable a quick reference to funds owed for all Additional Debtors.

Using additional debtors for a once-off invoice for a debtor who would likely not require further contact, would need to be carefully considered before adding as an additional debtor as the listing will remain in Strata Master.

How An Additional Debtor Appears in Strata Master

An additional debtor is listed on the Lots tab in the Corp screen. It has a unique and very different Lot number and the Addtl Debtor box is ticked.

Adding An Additional Debtor

1. In the Lots tab, click the edit button. That will create a new blank line at the bottom of the existing Lots.

2. Click the 'Create Lots button.

3. Complete the details of the new Lot and be sure to tick the 'additional debtor' box.  In the example above 9999 was used as the Lot number for Optus Tower. In adding yet another additional debtor we can select 9998 or 99999. 

4. Click OK, line is created as below.

5. I can update the Lot number by placing my cursor in the field, backspacing and retyping the required Lot number 9998. Click Save, and Strata Master will reorder the Lot numbers if necessary.

6. Click the Lot to enter name and contact details as normal.

Issue An Invoice To An Additional Debtor

Issuing an invoice to an additional debtor is the same as issuing to a Lot Owner -

The Invoice header will simply state " Miscellaneous Invoice". The Lot number entered to the Plan will show, however clearly states the debtor and details of the invoice.

Receipting Funds From An Additional Debtor

Receipting funds from an additional debtor is the same as receipting to a Lot Owner Ledger -

The Effect On The Plan Of Adding Another Lot

On the Corp screen, you will notice that the Total Lots listed increases, however the Registered Lots does not.

Other than the above, the effect is minimal. Do be aware though, that the act of transacting on the Lot will mean that the Lot cannot be deleted, however it simply becomes unused at a later date.


Other than the ledger you can generate a report of all additional debtors balances in Formatted Reports > Additional Debtor Balance.

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