fileSMART Administrator 

To avoid accidental changes and deletions, we recommend that the only the Administrator user be marked as Admin. And that for the first few months at least, nobody else be given ‘Delete’ or ‘Bulk Edit’ rights.

When the implementation process starts, one person is nominated as the ‘Main fileSMART Support’ person. Usually, only this person should know the Administrator username and password. 

Anyone marked as Admin can:

  • Access all the Archive Folders,
  • Backup (even without the Backup’ box checked)
  • Delete files
  • Bulk edit
  • Manage users including;
    • View the number of items in all users’ pending queues,
    • View the number of workflows in all users’ workflow queues
    • View which computers are using licenses and clear them individually if fileSMART is not actually open on the computer 
  • Manage document types in each archive folder
  • Disable an archive folder
  • Access all workflows
  • Filter the All Users workflow list to find a document
  • Re-open a rejected workflow

The main fileSMART support person should be made aware of the administrator tasks in the fileSMART Archive training guide.

If you try to ‘Manage’ a person who is marked as Admin, the Library table and the Archive Folders tables are empty because an Admin has complete access to everything.

If a user has Admin checked and this check box is then cleared, it is necessary to ‘Manage’ the user as if they were a new user to give them the required access to archive folders.

24/02/2016 9:05 am AEDT

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