Strata Master Version 15.5.2 Release Notes

In this release

Strata Hub Updates

Strata Master has been updated to enhance the Strata Hub API reporting capability. Strata Master can send data to Strata Hub any time throughout the year, as often as required.

There are now two different process buttons available for use, one for submitting the Annual Report and another for sending any updated information after the Annual Report has been sent.

A new column has been added to Quick Reports under the Show Owners Corporations output option to allow users to quickly identify plans that have or have not yet been submitted to Strata Hub. There have been some updates to the Strata Hub output option in quick reports, giving colour indicators for plans not successfully sent to Strata Hub.

A Sync to Strata Master option has now been provided to re-sync the Strata Hub register with the general strata master database. This will allow any manually overwritten fields to be synced back to follow the fields in Strata Master where the original information was entered.

When updating the Chairperson or Secretary details in the Committee Screen for Strata Hub registered plans, a prompt will be provided to remind the user to send an update to Strata Hub. The Strata Hub Process screen has been updated to remove the 20 plan limitations previously imposed.

ASB Payment File Update

ASB Banking customers operating Multiple Trust Accounts (Individual Trusts) will now have the ability to make Direct Entry payments using ASB’s Professional Trust. Strata Master has been updated to create 2 payment files when using ASB Professional trust, the first of which will be used to pay money out of each individual trust account into the Commercial Trust account. The second payment file will pay from the Commercial Trust to each Creditor’s Bank Account.

New Merge Fields 

3 New Mail merge fields have been added to our Owners/Lots Data source. Levy Delivery, Notices Delivery and Correspondence Delivery merge fields will now be available within Mail Merge.

Add a Lot Address merge field to Levy's notice email subject. 

Users will now have the ability to customize the Levy Notice Subject when sending levies via email. A new Lot Address merge field has been added to this configuration option

Update SQL for creditors dropdown in the Registers screen to exclude deactivated creditors.

The registers have been optimised with a change to exclude deactivated creditors from the SQL query. This will see faster loading times when using the registers.

Strata Connect Icon

 The MRI Strata Connect Icons have been replaced with new MRI Strata Master Connect Icons in all locations.

Change MRI Strata Connect to MRI Strata Master Connect

All references to MRI Strata Connect have now been replaced with MRI Strata Master Connect.

Quick Reports > Creditors > bank account – Suffix  

A new column called' Suffix' has been added to the Quick Reports > Creditors Tab. This column will display all creditor suffixes and will be checked by default

Adjust VIC Fee notice terminology

 A minor typographical update has been made to the Fee Notice for Victoria to correct references to Owners Corporations.

What we fixed

GST Reports – Discounts

An issue was identified with the GST Report and GST Detail report for Cash Method concerning discount levies when overpaid. This issue has been resolved.

Levy Notices delivery/grid All sections

An issue was identified when issuing notices from the Levy Wizard: the grid displaying lot information was not correctly updating to reflect the appropriate delivery preferences. This issue has been resolved.

NZ Westpac - Direct Entry Upload File

An issue was identified when making payments using Westpac NZ Direct Entry Payment files. This issue has been resolved.

Management Fees - User Access Rights

The user access right preventing access to the management fees screen was not working appropriately when management fees were accessed through the Meeting Wizard. This issue has been resolved.

Statement of Key Financial Information - Charge Unpaid Interest

The Statement of Key Financial Information has been updated to calculate the total income and interest earned for the period correctly.

Error 91 - Meeting Minutes Attendance

Under certain circumstances, the attendance column within the Meeting Minutes creation was not allowing the user to sort appropriately. This issue has been resolved.

Lot Receipt Screen display issue

A display issue has been fixed whereby the unallocated amounts for a lot were displayed even after closing out of that particular lot.

Runtime error on selecting Strata Hub from Quick Report

Under certain circumstances, a run-time error was received when accessing Strata Hub from Quick Reports. This issue has been resolved.

Quick Pay Cheque error

Under certain circumstances, the Quick Pay screen produced an error when processing payments. This has been resolved.

Quick Reports payments error

An error has been fixed whereby, under certain conditions, Quick Reports displayed an error when searching for payments for particular Strata Plans.

Accrued Interest Credit Lot

A discrepancy has been found where the amount of interest calculated is displayed as different amounts in certain reports vs the Receipting screen under certain circumstances. This issue has been resolved.

Owner Invoice Template/s - Print/Email

Owner Invoices sent to Real Estate Agents on behalf of Owners were being addressed to the Agent directly. This has been resolved.

Additional Contacts

Additional contacts for the Owner/Tenant/Agent were not being sent under certain circumstances. This issue has been resolved.

Last Levy Notice print/email date not updating for Capital Works levy

The Last Levy Notice Printed and Emailed dates on the Corporation screen were not updated upon issuing a capital works levy with no admin component. This has been resolved.

Levy Template - StrataPay2 Slip Template

 A bug has been fixed where levy notices were not displaying a second page under certain circumstances.

WA Levy Template - Mailing Payment Slip DEFT Payment Details

An update has been made to the DEFT Payment address details for Western Australia Levy Notices.

Committee Email - include in bcc for Work Orders and Quote Requests

 When sending Work Orders and Quote requests and opting to send a copy to the committee, the committee email address was not being used. This has been resolved.

Issue Levy Notices - Additional Email Contact

A bug has been fixed where the multiple owners corporation delivery method for levies duplicated levy notices for printed contacts. This issue has been resolved.

Meeting arrears is not re-calculated based on the Arrears cut-off date.

Adjusting the Arrears Cut-off Date in the Meeting Wizard was not updating the meeting arrears. This has been resolved.

06/12/2023 10:18 am AEDT

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