Spell Check Web Advertising Description 

Web Advertising in REST Professional allows up to 3000 characters in the Advertising Description and a spell check can also be completed on the advertising Headline and Description.

A check of spelling can be processed on the Advertising Headline and Description. Microsoft Word must be installed to use the spell check feature.

To process a spell check:

  1. Click Files > Property or Files > Sales > Sale.
  2. Search for and display the appropriate Property or Sale.
  3. Select the Advert tab, the Advert Copy tab displays.
  4. Enter or edit the Advertising Headline and Description.
  5. Click the Spell Check button 
  • If no errors are found a message displays advising the spell check is complete. 
  • If errors are found the Spelling screen displays.

  1. Change or Ignore the errors found. A message displays when the check is complete.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click OK – F12 to save the changes to Property or Sale Details.
04/03/2016 3:04 pm AEDT

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