How to Generate a Vendor Invoice in REST Professional



The vendor invoice shows all sales receipts and disbursements posted with the type of advertising and any disbursements posted form the sales advertising grid. If you have not marked the sale as ‘Vendor paid advertising’ and intend to account for the advertising at settlement, this invoice only shows the advertising item actioned on the advertising grid of the sale.


  1. Go to Reports > Sales > Vendor Invoice

  2. Select Criteria as required:

  •  You can select All Vendors, a range or select a specific Vendor.

  •  Group – If sales groups are setup, select the required group

  •  Status – You can filter this by the status of the sale

  •  Salesperson – You can filter this by select All or a particular salesperson

  •  Incl Completed/fallen over – tick if you would like sales that are marked as completed fallen over


  1. Click on print Print-F12 or Preview-F11

The Vendor Invoice shows the items entered on the sales advertising grid that are actioned as well as any monies receipted to advertising.

If the sales advertising grid has been completed and all the funds are not used, the Balance due back to the vendor will show at the end of the Vendor Invoice, which would be refunded to the vendor at settlement.

02/02/2016 10:55 am AEDT

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