BPay ID Required Message in Strata Master

This message may be received when you are attempting to use Electronic Bank for a BPay file.

The BPay ID is supplied to you by your Bank when you notify them that you wish to use BPay.

You may be sending a file for the first time, or the existing BPay ID setting may have been edited.

1. Select Configure > Agency from the top toolbar.

2. Select the Stationery tab

3. Note the BPAY ID field at the lower part of the screen.

4. Enter the number as provided by your Bank, ensuring there are no spaces before or after the number.

5. You can then create your BPay file and it will include the BPay ID.

6. If you need to cancel a batch and re-create it, select Accounting > Adjustments >  Search/cancel Bulk BPAY Payments File. This article will assist - 


03/01/2023 7:23 pm AEDT

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