Adding and Linking a Property Area Code in REST Professional


Properties may be assigned to a Property Area Code to allow reports to be run for a particular area.  You may use region names such as ‘Inner West’, suburbs or even post codes. The Property Detail, Owners/Tenants by Property, Vacancy Report, Counter Vacancy Report, Key List, Tenant Inspection Report and the Inspection Wizard may be run by area code.

This document will cover:

  • How to Setup a New Area Code

  • How to Link a Property Area Code to a Property

How to Setup a New Area Code

Before you can start using the various reports with the Area Codes option you should set up your suburb names in REST Professional.

  1. Go to Files > Descriptors and Comments >Property Area Codes

  2. Click on Add Mode-F4 located on the right hand side of the menu

  3. Code -  Type the Suburb name i.e.: Coogee Beach

  1. Click OK-F12     

How to Link a Property Area Code to a Property

You will need to go through and link a Property Code to each Property to allow you to run the required reporting.

  1. Go to Files > Property and enter the alpha index of the property and press Enter

  2. Area Code – Click on the drop down menu and select the required property area code

  1. Click OK-F12

20/06/2016 4:15 pm AEST

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