How to Change a Cheque Number in Rest Professional


You may hand write your cheques and the numbers written on the physical cheque and the numbers utilised in Rest Professional differ, or the cheque printed on did not follow the same sequence as cheque numbers in Rest Professional.

There is a utility within Rest Professional that can change the cheque number providing the cheque has not been presented.

This document will cover:

How to Change a Cheque Number in Unpresented Utility

  1. Go to Files > Archive > Backup and follow the prompts.We recommend renaming the backup i.e.
  2. Go to Other > Utilities > Unpresented Utility
  3. Cheque No. - Enter the cheque number as it appears in Rest Professional and press Enter
  4. New Cheque No. - Enter the new cheque number that you require it to be changed to

  1. Click OK – F12
  2. Click OK to warning that will pop up to advise the cheque number will be changed to the new number. The cheque number will be changed on the Unpresented Cheques List, Payments Report and Ledgers. This will also be recorded on the File Changes Report.

NOTE: If there are multiple cheque numbers that need to be changed, they may need to be done in reverse order to change them, otherwise the number you are trying to change it to will be utilised already.  In the table below, you will see cheque number 220 needs to be changed to 221, however this cannot be changed as there is already a cheque 221 entered to Rest Professional.

  1. The cheque numbers can be changed in the Unpresented Utility as follows:

How to Change Multiple Cheque Numbers in Unpresented Utility

If you have the cheque numbers completely out of order in Rest Professional and printed on the wrong cheque's, they will need to be adjusted in a two-step process by putting a series of 9’s in front of the cheque number, and then changing it to the required number.  This is sometimes easier to do then trying to change in reverse order and should be used on more complicated out of order cheque sequence. It allows you to change the incorrect cheque number to a temporary number, when all original cheque numbers are free, then changing to the correct number.

  1. Go to Files > Archive > Backup and follow the prompts.We recommend renaming the backup i.e.
  2. Using the Unpresented Utility, change all of the cheque numbers to put 99 in front of the cheque number and save the changes
  3. Go back into the utility and change the cheque number from the 99 number to the correct number

Example of Changes in Bank Reconciliation

The changes made will now be shown as follows in the Unpresented Cheques to reflect the change to the cheque number/s:

NOTE:  The original cheque number can be seen with asteriskeither side, beside the payment details

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