How to Generate the Advertising Summary by Sale



The advertising summary shows, for each sale, the advertising items entered on the property tab of the Sales Detail along with information whether they have been actioned or charged.


  1. Go to Reports > Sales > Advertising Summary By Sales

Select Criteria as required:

  •  You can select All Vendors, a range or select a specific Vendor.

  •  Group – If sales groups are setup, select the required group

  •  Status – You can filter this by the status of the sale

  •  Salesperson – You can filter this by select All or a particular salesperson

  •  Pint each sales on separate page – Tick if you would like a separate page for each sale

  •  Incl Completed/fallen over – Tick if you would like sales that are marked as completed fallen over


  1. Click on Print-F12 or Preview-F11

This summary shows the details of the sale and includes such information as the advertising budget and plan, together with details of each item and indicates if these items have been action and charged.

The report also shows the total collected, actioned, owing, charged etc.

02/02/2016 10:55 am AEDT

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