Property Status Summary in Rest Professional


From version 19 a new report has been added under Reports > Property > Property Status Summary. This summary can be filtered to use either the Property Status Filter or the Vacancy Filter. It provides you with greater visibility on your data integrity and you’ll be able to view those properties flagged as Pending Archive, Vacant, Not for Relet, Under Renovations.

How to use the Property Status Summary

To access the Property Status Summary and view properties which have been flagged as Pending Archive, select:

  • Reports > Property > Property Status Summary > Property Status Filter and select the Pending Archive checkbox
  • Select Display List to view a list of properties on the grid which have the Pending Archive checkbox selected, on the Gained/Lost tab of the Property Master File

In the grid you can double click on the required property and you are taken directly to the Property Master File to take any action required. The Property Status Filter and Vacancy Status Filter operate independently and can be used either or by clicking each checkbox as required. 

  • When changing between the Property Status Filter and the Vacancy Filter, click the Refresh button to load the results
  • Select Summary to preview a report of the properties displayed on the grid, depending on your filter selection

10/11/2020 9:41 am AEDT

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