How to Setup DEFT Remittance Slips 


DEFT payments are available for use with Macquarie Bank clients. Rest Professional gives you the ability to print a tenant invoice with a DEFT remittance slip for commercial tenants.

This document will cover:

  • Prerequisites

  • How to Setup DEFT Remittance Slips


  • You must have the Advanced Commercial Module 

  • You must be a Macquarie Bank client

  • DEFT remittance slips can only be used for commercial tenants invoices

  • 8 digit tenant codes should be used

  • No check digit is to be used for Macquarie Bank


  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details and click on the General Tab
    • Ensure the bank code is set to MBL
  2. Go to Other > Utilities > System Options and click on the Statements Tab:
    • Tick print remittance slip
    • Change the from REST to DEFT 

  1. You will get a message to contact Macquarie Bank to go through the setup process. Click OK to proceed

  2. A response code will be required, please contact Rockend MRI and quote the red number. Enter the response code and click OK-F12 

  3. You will be prompted with a message to confirm DEFT remittance for commercial tenants. Click OK 

  4. Go to Files > Tenant details and click on the Bank tab and enter the tenant code number or click on allocate if this is setup in your system options to allocate the next available code.

  5. To view the statement go to Reports > Tenant > Statement/Invoice printing or Commercial Reports

25/10/2021 2:37 pm AEDT

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