Adding a Global Comment to a Tenant Statement/Invoice


You may be required to add a global comment to appear on the bottom of your tenant statement/invoice.

This might include information such as the payment details (i.e.bsb and account details) or another global message.


  1. Go to Files > Descriptors and Comments > Master File and Transaction Comments
  2. Go to Other tab
  3. Select Tenant invoice/statement comment

  1. Edit or add the text in notepad

  1. Select File and Save the changes.
  2. To print the comments and the time of print or emailing tenant invoice/statements Go to Reports > Tenant > Statement/Invoice Printing
  3. Select your criteria, ensuring that you tick Print global comment

  1. Click Print F-12 or Preview F-11

  1. If you are printing individual invoices you will need to tick the Print global comment box

10/03/2016 10:09 am AEDT

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