The Management Fees Collected Report


This report produces a list of properties and the fees and taxes taken in the chosen month, showing these figures exclusive of GST. It may be run for all managers, a particular manager or class of property (e.g. Commercial).

This document will cover:

  • How to Produce the Manage Fees Collected report
  • Report Explanation

How to Produce the Management Fees Collected Report

  1. Go to Reports > Management > Management Fees Collected Report

  1. Select your criteria as necessary
  • Month to Print – Choose current or the month you are trying to print
  • All/Range/Select – Choose ALL, a range of properties or select a property
  • Manager – Leave as ALL to print the report the whole management, or choose a manager.
  • Class – You may choose to print all properties, or select from the list and print: -
    • Residential properties only
    • Commercial properties only
    • Industrial properties only
  • Account Types – Select the relevant criteria
  • Print Totals Only – Tick this if you do not want to show property information and only totals
  • New page per manager – Tick this if you would like every property managers reporting on a separate page
  1. Click on Print-F12 or Preview-F11

Report Explanation

  • Management - refers to the management fees collected in the period selected
  • Tax/Bank - refers to the taxes or bank fees set up against the owner that is generated against each transaction in REST (set up on Owner Details > Taxes and Charges i.e./ bank charges ticked)
  • Super/Disb - refers to the supervision or disbursement fee set up against the property card (i.e. Property Details > financial)
  • Letting - is total letting fees charged when charging the letting fee from the Rent Receipt > Other Payments – Charges to Owner
  • Other R/AC - is an accumulative total of all transactions posted to the internal accounts marked as Revenue Accounts (revenue recovery ticked on the taxes and charges tab of the internal owner account)
  • Creditor R/AC - is an accumulative total of all the disbursements to creditors marked as Revenue Accounts (revenue recovery ticked on the payments tab of the creditor details)

NOTE: Postage and Sundries are not shown on this report.

01/05/2020 3:44 pm AEST

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