Levy Notice Template Format in Strata Master

The Levy Notice Template is hardcoded in Strata master, however there are some changes that be made through selections made in Strata Master.

By having the Template hard coded it ensures that every Levy Notice issued from Strata Master will have a minimum of information in a standard format and therefore be clear, familiar and well known by Strata Managers, Lot Owners and Strata Master Support staff and other stakeholders such as debt recovery agents.

Hard coding also ensures that any Legislation regarding invoices or levy notices is complied.

Where to Make Settings Changes

Select 'Configure' in the top toolbar of Strata Master, then select Agency and the 'Stationery' tab

Overview of the Stationery Tab Relevant to Levy Notices

  • Use Levy Email Template tick. This is usually ticked as it attaches the Levy Notice to an email. The content of the email that is sent can be edited temporarily by clicking on the 'Edit levy template' icon. Note that this does NOT edit the Levy Template itself, only the email.
  • Print levy notice allows you to select a suitable notice from the hardcoded Templates, and each Template allows selection according to the tick boxes as in the example above where Barcode, Print MICR/OCR line, Print due date and Print amount paid box are ticked.
  • Click edit and select from the drop down list. You have options to select such as "Generic BPay levy notice slip" which may suit your requirements.
  • Email levy notice is generally the same as the Print levy notice, or can be selected to be different.

Other Methods of Adding Required Information to the Levy Notice 

You can add a comment that prints on the Levy Notice, and provides additional payment information or alerts to changes in payment method. In addition you could provide general information about interest. Or even a brief Christmas message.


VCAT Notices to print on reverse of printed Levy Notices

This Primarily applies to Victorian Strata Plans. However, other states can also use this set up instruction to produce a standard page appearing with the Levy Notices. For set up and troubleshooting -


13/06/2022 12:29 pm AEST

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