Displaying the Agent ABN on Statements and Invoices in REST Professional

Setup of Agent ABN on statement/invoices in REST

  1. Go to your system options (ie/ Other > Utilities > System Options > Statements Tab). Tick the option for “Print Agent ABN” and click ok (please note all users need to be out of rest to effect this system option change)

  1. Go to Owner Details (ie/ files > owner >tax and charges tab). Tick the option for “Use Agent ABN” and click ok

Previewing the Statement/Invoice in REST

To preview a Statement/Invoice go to Reports > Tenant > Statement/Invoice Printing > Preview

Agent ABN will display on the right side of the page

New Zealand clients refer to ABN as GST number (Goods & Services Tax) and this is how it will appear in the system option

10/03/2016 10:09 am AEDT

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