How to Generate the Sales Ledger in REST Professional



The sales ledger shows all transactions relating to the trust and investment ledger and can be run for all sales cards, or criteria can be selected to print/preview by group, status or salesperson.


  1. Go to Reports > Sales > Sales Ledger or by clicking on the  icon when in the sales card

Select Criteria as required:

  •  You can select All Vendors, a range or select a specific Vendor.

  •  Group – If sales groups are setup, select the required group

  •  Status – You can filter this by the status of the sale

  •  Salesperson – You can filter this by select All or a particular salesperson

  •  Show History – This tick box should be populated so that the history of the ledger can be viewed.

  •  Incl Completed/fallen over – Tick if you would like sales that are marked as completed fallen over

NOTE: If viewing the ledger through a sale card rather then Reports > Sales, the selection criteria will not be available as you are viewing one sale card and there is no other criteria to select


  1. Click on print Print-F12 or Preview-F11

The trust transactions both debits and credits will show up the top part of the ledger. The investment ledger will generate at the bottom of the trust ledger.

02/02/2016 10:55 am AEDT

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