Add an Associated Lot to a Lot in Strata Master


Where an owner has multiple lots in a plan you are able to associate the lots to each other for reporting purposes. Associated lots can arise where there are storerooms and car spaces related to a dwelling Lot.


Where the entitlements are maintained separately, you can record each associated lot number against the primary lot in the Corp screen. This association is also recorded on the Strata Roll.

 Associating Lots

In the example below we will associate Lot 3 and Lot 9, which would normally have the same owner.

1.Click the edit button

2. Click into the Lot field that shows Lot 3

3. After the number 3, type a comma (,) and then 9

4. Click the save button and the saved result is as below.

5. Go to Formatted Reports > Strata Roll > select the relevant Plan and review the Status report.

An Alternative to Associated Lots

Lots Owned by the same entity can be combined, so they show as below. Notice the Unit number is not affected.

This would entail adding the entitlements together, and results in Levies for both Lots being combined. You should check that this approach is permitted by the legislation in your  jurisdiction.

17/06/2024 1:36 pm AEST

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