Adding an Agent or Building Manager in Strata Master

The agent contact list is accessed when adding a new owner who has an agency managing their property, or when an owner occupier decides to rent their Lot.

This article will show you how to -

  • check the list of agents or building managers
  • add an agent/agency or building manager if not found on the list

We will show the process for Agents/Agency, as Building Managers is the same process, in the same location, except that 'Building Managers is selected'.

Accessing the List

1. Select 'Manage' from the top toolbar of Strata master > select 'contacts' 

2. This opens the Manage Contacts screen 

3. Place the button against 'Real estate agents ....'. For Building Managers, place the radio button on 'Building Managers'.

4. Click the search binoculars 

5. The list shows 

6. If the agency you require shows on the list, you are able to close this screen and go to the Lot Owner card in Corp and link the agency to the Lot.

7. If the agency does not appear on the list you will need to add.

Adding An Agency

8. Click the 'add' button. The contact editor screen will open.

9 Enter information as required 

10. Click Save 

11. Check the list. The agency will show in magenta until linked to a Lot.

12. You can now go to the relevant Lot Owner in Corp screen and link the agency to the Lot.

07/02/2022 7:02 pm AEDT

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