How to Setup Printers in REST Professional


You can setup your printers for specific REST Professional functions like reports, receipts, banking and cheques.

These printers must first be set up in Windows. Every time you change the Windows printer set up, REST Professional detects this and asks you to check the set up in REST Professional.

This document will cover:

  • How to Setup Printers in REST Professional

  • How to setup to Print to Multiple Trays

  • How to Setup Dot Matrix Printer for Use with REST Professional

How to Setup Printers in REST Professional

  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Printer Setup

  1. Select the printers that are required to be setup for Reports/Receipts/Cheques/Banking

    NOTE:  Ensure that you do not leave any of the categories blank as this will cause run time errors when trying to print/preview different reporting

    • Default – You can select one printer as the default printer, this one will appear as the default printer if you do not drop down the list to change the type of printer you are printing to

    • Printer – This will display a list of printers that are setup in Windows

    • Reports – Select this if you want to use this printer to print reports and statements. When reports and statements are run, only printers selected as ‘Report’ are shown as options.

    • Receipts – Select this if you want to use this printer to print receipts

    • Banking – Select this if you want to use this printer to print the banking

    • Cheques – Select this if you want to use this printer to print owner and creditor cheques

    • Clear All – Press ‘Clear All’ if you would like to clear all previously selected printer settings, and select the printer settings again.

    • Display Settings – By pressing this button, it will show you what printers you currently have setup for each setting.

  2. Click OK–F12 to save changes

How to Setup to Print to Multiple Trays

You may wish to print reports to letterheads or special stationery in REST Professional or simply just print to another printer tray. To do this, the printer will need to be installed as a separate printer i.e. “Letterhead”

  1. In Windows, go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add a Printer > setup the new printer as per your network instructions, naming it “Letterhead"

  1. In Devices and Printers, right click on the Letterhead printer and select Printing Preferences > select the Paper / Quality Tab > select the letterhead tray and paper type as required.

  1. Click Apply to save changes

  2. Go to REST Professional > Other > Utilities > Printer Setup and select the letterhead tray as required

NOTE: When you are printing in REST Professional, if you have more than one printer setup for the printing, you can drop down the list and select which printer you would like to print to

How to Setup a Dot Matrix Printer for Use with REST Professional

If you are using dot matrix printers, you must insert the word ‘TEXT’ next to the printer name. This speeds up the printing otherwise the dot matrix will print in letter quality and may be very slow and print out of alignment.

  1. Go to your Windows Start Menu > Devices and Printers

  2. Right click on the required printer and select Printer Properties


  1. Insert the word Text next to the printer name
  2. Click OK to apply changes
  3. Once this has been setup in Windows, REST Professional will detect the change and prompt your to check the Printer Setup in REST Professional

NOTE: If you are unsure of the above process to install new printers, please contact your IT support for further assistance.

07/03/2016 2:31 pm AEDT

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