Overview of Strata Plan Association Types in Strata Master


The word ' Plan'  will be used to cover Strata Plans, Owners Corporations, Community Associations, Neighbourhood Associations, BMC's, Precinct Associations, Community Titles Schemes and other groups.

Covered in this article: 

Association Type Record Relevant to Each Plan

Each Plan will be linked to a specific Association Type. This ensures that Strata Master can apply the appropriate rules for different association types across the database.

The location of this Association Type can be found in Manage > Owners Corporation > Structure tab > Association Type field. This field has a drop down list to select from.

This Association Type list can be added to in Configure > Association Types.

The Association Type screen can be found by selecting Configure > Association Types. You will be able to view the Status Certificate Name and State/Country of relevance.

In this screen you are then able to select and open details of the selected Association Type, by clicking on the relevant Association Type.

Overview of Each Section or Field Within the Association Type

  • Name and Status Certificate Name can be edited
  • Template refers to the Status Certificate template in the \\Server\Strata4\Template folder.  This needs to exactly match the name of the actual template. Instructions are available here to edit a Status Certificate Template.
  • Jurisdiction refers to the State or Country where the property is located.  This links through to other processes in Strata Master that reflect the selected Jurisdiction.
  • Include tenants in GM notices can be ticked where this applies to the legislative requirements.
  • Changes to the interest rates of Owners Corporations or Associations that are within this Association Type, can be made in this section. Individual Plans would then have their interest rates edited if they differ from the overall rate of the Association Type.
  • Meeting templates are created and edited in this space, with articles available containing instructions that will assist further.
  • Receipting allocation order can be changed here for any Owners Corporations or Associations, that are within this Association Type.


1. Can I add an Association Type ? 

Yes, there is an 'add' button provided on the screen for this purpose.

2. How is a Section or Status Certificate linked to Association Types?

A status certificate 'section' name is a reference to the section of an act which sets out the requirements for a status certificate for an association/scheme type. STRATA Master uses templates for each type of status certificate, and these are installed in the \\Server\Strata$\Template folder on the server.

3. What part does the Jurisdiction play in an Association Type ? 

The layout and information provided in Section Certificates for each Association Type can differ according to the State or Country that the Association Type covers. If adding or editing Association Types, it is the Agencies responsibility to ensure the relevant Jurisdiction selected is correct.

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