How to Enforce Unique Tenant Codes in REST Professional


You can setup your system to enforce unique tenant code numbers in REST Professional.  This option will require tenant code numbers to be unique between active and inactive tenant contacts.  When activating the option, REST Professional will determine whether duplicate tenant codes exist.  If duplicates are found they will be displayed on a report.  Duplicates will need to be corrected before the system option can be set.


  1. Go to Other > Utilities > System Options
  2. Click on Transactions Tab – this is the default tab that will open when you open System Options
  3. Tick the option to Enforce Unique Tenant Code No.

  1. Click OK to the prompt which will determine if REST Professional has any duplicates

  1. If duplicates found, Click OK to the prompt which will print a report of all duplicate code numbers found

  1. If duplicates found, a list in notepad will appear, this should be printed so that unique codes can be issued for duplicates listed

  1. To change any existing duplicates, go to Files > Tenant > enter the tenant ALPHA and press Enter
  2. Click on the Bank Tab.Enter in a unique code or click on Allocate (if setup) and select a new code number and click OK-F12

  1. Once all codes are unique, go back to System Options and tick Enforce Unique Tenant Codes.
  2. Click OK to the prompt to confirm that there is no duplicates found can no longer assign a code number to another tenant contact

  1. Click OK-F12

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