How to Reflect a Sales Bank Cheque in REST Professional


Bank cheques may need to be provided upon settlement of a sales property or to be used as a deposit for another purchase.  Bank cheques are cheques that are issued by the bank therefore will not be a REST generated cheque and follow the usual cheque number sequence.


  1. Go to Transactions > Sales > Disbursements

    • Alpha – Enter the alpha index of the sale property and press Enter

    • From – Select Trust Account

    • To – Select Vendor and then enter the Payment Details for the Vendor as Cheque

    • Type – Select Other

    • Amount – Enter the amount the bank cheque is for

    • Description – Enter a Description i.e. Settlement Funds Bank Cheque no ####

    • Ref/Invoice No. – Enter the property address or a reference to the payment

  2. Click on OK-F12


  1. You will be prompted with the Cheque Printing Screen, enter cheque number 999999 and click Start printing

    NOTE: This process uses a self presenting cheque number in REST Professional and should be done once the debit from your trust account appears on your bank statement.

02/02/2016 10:59 am AEDT

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