How to Process an Allocation Receipt

To distribute unallocated money to levies/charges, we create a NIL receipt. 


  1. Enter the Lot and Plan number 
  2. In the top right hand corner the ‘Unallocated B/F’ amount will be shown, (this is the total unallocated amount which can be assigned to any charges listed)
  3. Ensure the ‘Total amount’ field is NIL
  4. Tick the ‘Banked’ box
  5. Leave date as the current date
  6. The receipt allocation shows where STRATA Master has assigned the unallocated balance to. This is indicated by a tick at the beginning of the line and the amount showing in the ‘Allocation’ column.
  7. To change the suggested allocation, de-select ALL line entries, then click on the levies/charges you wish to allocate the money to.
  8. Click Process (F9) 


23/09/2016 3:21 pm AEST

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