Edit a Status ( Section ) Certificate Template in Strata Master

Status Certificate Templates can be edited, with items added, moved or removed as required.

Note that the Status Certificates -

  • for each State are provided in such a way as to provide all necessary information for that State or country, however it is likely that you may have to add to the Status Certificate from time to time, and
  • require perusal and comparison to owner ledger, and signing for validity of the information prior to issuing. As explained in other articles, variations in processing and record keeping can have an effect on whether the transactions or records reflect in the Status Report, and
  • are numbered according to the Section number and each state or country  is different, and
  • changes should be restricted to text content and formatting of text. Insert field codes should not be changed and changes to insert codes may interfere with the successful processing of the Status Certificate.

To Find the Template

1. You will need access to the server and the drive that contains the Strata folder.

2. Then double click on the Strata folder and within the Strata folder, locate the Template folder. 

3. Double click on the Template folder to open it and within that folder you will see a list of files.

4. Scroll down until you see the Section certificate number you are looking for.

5. Double click the Section number required and the template of the form opens, with its merge fields visible.

6. The form opens in Word format, so you can use your Word formatting to edit the document, with the exception of items that will be greyed out, as not available. This includes insert fields.

6. Make the edits you require and click Save.

26/04/2023 6:23 pm AEST

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