Runtime Error 52


RTE52 (Bad file name or number) is what we refer to as a General Networking Error. This is not to say there is an issue with the network, but it normally indicates a problem accessing a data file on the server.

This can occur if the workstation has full stops in the configuration path. Rest Professional being a VB6 Program cannot operate to its full capacity when there are full stops in the configuration path. This is most likely caused by an IP address.


  1. Browse to the configuration location of the data files. This will be C:\Rest\Configdatasources\X\WorkStation.ini where X is replaced with the number of the database. Open the file with notepad, and when you open the workstation.ini file it will look something this:
  2. Go to Edit > Replace and do one of the following:
     or Where R:\ is the mapped drive of the Rest Data 
  3. The final locations should look more like this:

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21/07/2021 1:29 pm AEST

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