How to Generate the Owner Detail Report in REST Professional


You can print a list of owners, including name & address, telephone numbers, payment/statement details, tax & postage charges. If you would like to monitor who runs this report, you may set up a system option so that REST displays a warning when the report is run and records the date and operator name in the File Changes Report. If the option for sensitive alerts is on, an email will be sent to the email address chosen for alerts, For more information on setting up this alert, please see document "Sensitive Change Alert Setup and Use in REST Professional".


  1. Go to Reports > Owner > Detail Report

  2. If the sensitive change alert is setup, a warning will appear to advise you are about to run a sensitive report and if you continue it will record the date, time and user on the File Changes report and also send a sensitive alert email. Select ‘Yes’ to continue

  3. Enter the selection criteria:

    • Month to Print – Select the month you require the report for

    • Status – Select from All, Range or Select an Owner

    • Group – Leave this blank to print all owners, or if you use the group code, enter the group letter to print only those owners in a group i.e. M for mid month.

  4. Click Print-F12 or Preview-F11

02/02/2016 10:59 am AEDT

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