Can I Delete a Lot in Strata Master

The deleting of Lots is not recommended in Strata Master and you should not be able to do so.

A message should pop up telling you that the Lot cannot be deleted.

The reason for this is that the Lot has been possibly been included in History, such as Meetings and in Transactions, such as receipts or levy postings. The deletion of the Lot would interfere with the integrity of this Plans records and financials.  In fact, financials will have gaps that will create errors.

The Only Time You Can Safely Delete a Lot

When you are entering a New Plan, and loading Lots, there is no history and no transactions linked to the Lot. At this time you can delete a Lot.

When a Lot Cannot Be Deleted

At any other time, you will have to take other action, while leaving the Lot in Place. 

The most common occurrence is the subdivision of a Lot.  Actions you can take are -

1. Create a backup so you can restore data, and the Lot, if you make an error.

2. Add the new Lots which would have separate Lot numbers to the subdivided Lot.

3. Tick the subdivided lot as an additional debtor, in case there are funds due and so it no longer shows in number of registered Lots.

4. Change the contact details of the subdivided Lot to your agency.

5. Change the Name of the Lot, if you wish, to 'Superceded', or write this in the Notes Section on the Lot and in the Corp.

6. Adjustment the Entitlement Sets as on the new instructions provided from the Titles Office.

7. If you wish, you can change the Lot number of the subdivided, superceded Lot to 999 or similar so the lot shows at the bottom of the Lot list. 

If you have any queries at all, log a Support Case with Strata Master Support to discuss your issue and find the best option for your circumstance.

What If You Accidentally Delete a Lot

It might be possible to link it back especially if there is a blank line. You can click on it and search for the contact card for that Lot.

Contact Strata Master Support promptly for assistance.


29/03/2023 7:20 pm AEDT

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