Cancelling Debt Recovery for an Individual Lot Owner in Strata Master

There are times when debt recovery for only 1 (or perhaps 2 or 3) Lot Owners needs to be cancelled -

  • This can occur when a Lot Owners property is sold and the change of ownership is to be processed. 
  • This can also occur when you run the Debt Recovery and 2 or 3 owners Levy Notices did not print properly. It is not possible to reprint the Notices, so those Lots Debt Recovery can be cancelled and re-run, once the printer issue is resolved
  • Testing a debt recovery process (generally to check printer is working) on 1 owner prior to running a bulk process.

Where to Find a Lot Owners Debt Recovery Records

1. Click on Corp icon in Icon toolbar 

2. Click on Lots tab in left hand column 

3. Select the required Lot from the list and double click on it. The tabs show as below. Click on the debt recovery tab.

4. The debt recovery tab shows the history of debt recovery for this Lot.  Where there is no entry under 'date cleared', the debt recovery is still current. 

5. Beneath this listing there is a button that says 'Clear Debt Recovery', click Edit then that button.

6. The debt recovery history then shows the cleared date.

7. You can then re-run the debt recovery if required.

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26/04/2022 5:55 pm AEST

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