Fixing Expense Figure at Top of Budget Report in Strata Master


When the Budget Report is corrupted, it will display expenses at the top, then revenue, then the balance of expenses. Learn how to fix the report so it displays correctly. 


The Budget report should follow the usual Strata Master accounting format of listing Revenue followed by Expenses. A corrupted report shows as below.

Steps To Correct the Report

All corrupt reports, including prior reports that show the expense at the top of the report, will need to be deleted and re-entered. 

To correct the report :


  • Check the budget back through prior years and see how far back the budget shows with the expense at the top of the report.  Screenshot below from Formatted Reports > Budget shows 4 years to be checked.
  • Take note of any changes made from year to year, for example, an account may have been added to the budget.
  • Print copies as references when rekeying.. 


  • Delete the current budget and any other budget in prior years that shows this way.
  • Go to the Plan, click on the $ button.
  • Select the budget date and click the Delete  button.


  • Re-enter the earliest budget that was cancelled and following year budgets.
  • Make any adjustments in budgets that are indicated. 

    Note : If you only delete and reinstate this current budget it may repair momentarily, but the prior years budget which still contain the corruption and will push the corruption through to current budget.

23/04/2024 4:59 pm AEST

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