Rollover a Financial Year in Strata Master

Once a Financial Year End has passed and the AGM has been held, you may be ready to update the Financial Year End date on the Corp Screen.

This is called rolling the Year over, or processing a rollover.

Important Cautions

  • As the Financial Year End is not designed to be rolled back, ensure you have made any changes and adjustments to the financials up to the Financial Year End date before rolling over.
  • Also ensure that through the process, you only select the Plan you wish to rollover, to ensure you do not accidentally rollover other Plans.

Process to Roll Over a Plan

1. Navigate to Accounting > End of Financial Year Rollover.  The screen below opens.

2. Filter to Manager or month if you wish, using the drop down lists.

3. Click the binoculars / search. A list of Plans shows.

4. Select the required Plan, being very careful to only select the required plan

5.  Be aware you cannot undo this step so check again that the selection is correct. Click the button with the green arrow.

6. The screen will clear.

7. Check the Plan by clicking on the Corp screen icon.

8. The Corporation now shows the updated Financial Year End.

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