How to Part-pay an Invoice


Invoices which need to be part paid can be entered as a Multiple Dissection Invoice.

This allows for the invoice data to be saved for the total invoice and paid by instalment.

A separate dissection is entered for each payment instalment.

Accounting > Enter Creditor Invoices, Multiple Dissection.

  1. Enter the full amount in Invoice Total.
  2. Enter the first instalment amount as the first dissection and set Invoice Status to PAY. 
  3. Save the dissection.
  4. Process remaining dissections and select HOLD status where required. This will ensure that only the instalment(s) to be paid now will be included in the next payment run.
  5. When the dissection amounts equal the Invoice Total the Process and Save button will be active to save the invoice. 

05/10/2017 2:32 pm AEDT

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