How to Apply a Holiday Deposit to Rent and Sundries


If you have receipted a deposit for a holiday booking the funds will sit in an internal account called AAHOLDEP.  These funds are not credited to the owners account until the deposit is applied to the rent.

It is most common to hold the whole booking amount as a deposit and apply to the rent and/or sundries once the guest has vacated the holiday property


  1. Go to Holiday Bookings > Rent Receipt, put in the alpha index of the guest and press Enter

  2. A prompt will appear, Do you want to apply the remaining deposit? Click Yes


  1. Enter in the rent amount on the Rent tab any outstanding sundries on the Sundries tab

  2. Click OK-F12


  1. The receipt total should be $0.00 as it is not receipting any new funds. If you are receipting additional funds received as a part of this receipt it should only show the additional funds amount

  1. Click OK-F12

  2. Once the monies are applied you can check the Holiday Booking Status. Go to Holiday Bookings > Booking Maintenance and select the booking alpha and press Enter

  3. Click on to the Status tab, this will now show the rent and sundries as paid and $0.00 due

02/02/2016 10:59 am AEDT

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