How to Create a New Holiday Booking in REST Professional


Holiday Booking Maintenance allows users to Add, change, archive or delete Holiday Bookings. Each booking attaches the Sundry Payments table saved against the Property which can be changed or deleted for any of the sundry payments to suit the individual booking.


  1. Go to Holiday Bookings > Booking Maintenance. NOTE: In order to Add a new booking, the Holiday Property must already be created and Sundries table saved
  2. Click on ADD MODE-F4 and commence entering relevant details in the General Tab

  • Alpha Index: Enter up to the first 10 Characters of the Holiday Guest’s surname. This field must start with a letter and not a number, and should not contain any punctuation or embedded blank spaces. Should you have the system option switched on to make alpha index’s unique, REST will return an error if you attempt to add an alpha that has already been used.
  • Name: Enter the full name of the Holiday Guest.
  • Property: Enter the alpha index of the Holiday Property for this booking and press Enter. If the Alpha index is unique, the Property details are displayed on the screen. If the index is not unique, a list box is displayed containing the Holiday bookings that match the alpha index you have entered.
  • Availability: This button allows for the user to see the availability for a range of dates and property features. You will need to enter a Date Required and can narrow your search down by selecting Number of bedrooms, beds & bathrooms and then click on Search – F7 – Click to see the properties available.
  • Contact: Enter the contact name, phone numbers, email address and address details of the person booking.
  • Click onto Sundries–F6. Click here to change the property sundry payment table to make it specific to this booking and to add/check the amount of the sundries required. You may also add new sundries for the booking.

  1. Go to the Booking tab and enter the relevant details

  • Owner Booking: Tick the Owner Booking checkbox if the booking is for the owner of the property. Owner bookings display in a different colour on the Availability Chart and reports such as the Arrival and Departure Reports may be run to display owner bookings only.
  • Booking Check in & Check out dates: Enter the Start and Finish dates of the booking. If there is an overlap with another booking, REST will warn you and ask you to change the dates. If there is a minimum night restriction for this booking period, REST warns you if the booking is less than the minimum (this information is found via Holiday Bookings > Special Rates.
  • Deposit Due Date: Enter the date by which the deposit must be paid. You may run the Deposit Deadlines Report to check what deposits are due and overdue.
  • Deposit Amount: Enter the amount of Deposit if one is required.
  • Other Active Bookings: Click here and REST displays the other active bookings for this property.
  • Holiday Commission: This is defaulted from the property but may be changed here (excl. GST).
  • Booking Amount: If there is a rental amount entered in the property, REST takes into account any special rates for the period and calculates the booking amount. If there is no rental amount in the property, the booking amount will show as zero abd you should use the Calculate button below. Alternatively you may simply enter the required booking amount.
  • Calculate: If the booking amount is zero or you wish to calculate the booking amount using a different rental click here. REST will request a weekly rental amount and will calculate the booking based on this.
  • Cleaner Alpha: Enter the Alpha index of the cleaner who will clean this property at the end of the booking. If you have entered a cleaner on the property, the cleaner will be displayed here and you may accept it or change it to a different cleaner. You may run the Cleaning report via Holiday Bookings > Reports > Cleaning Report to provide a list of properties to be cleaned by each cleaner for any given period.
  • No of Guests: Enter the number of people in this booking.
  • Boma Account Code: This is normally set at 109 so that Holiday booking rentals will be shown correctly on the Owner Income & Expenditure Reports at the end of the financial year.
  • Comments: The comment lines appear on the rent receipt screen and on the Arrival & Departure reports so you can use them to prompt you for a specific request.
  1. Go to the Payment method tab and enter the relevant details

  • Payment Method: Enter the expected Payment Method for the booking.
  1. Go to the Status Tab to see the status of the booking, how much deposit has been paid, how much is owed etc. You may print the status information by clicking on the Print icon.

  1. Go to the Notes Tab and enter the details as follows:

  • Enter any notes applicable to this booking. NOTE: Once the booking has been created, the date created details will populate at the bottom of this tab.
  1. When you have finished entering the information click on OK–F12 to save the booking information.
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