Strata Master Version 15.0.6 Release Notes

What we fixed 

Download Bank Statement Error | Internal Error - Assertion failed: All entries must be for the same fund.

An error was identified when processing a bank download using the ‘Charge Unpaid Interest' checkbox. This issue has been resolved.

Levy Notice Template Missing

An issue was identified whereby certain plans could not process levy notices over 50 lots. This has been resolved. 

Error 424 | Other Receipt

Under certain circumstances, when creating an ‘Other Receipt to Owners Corporation', an error message was displayed. This issue has been resolved.

GST Report over two pages

The GST summary report was displaying incorrectly over two pages. This has been resolved. 

Levy Notices delivery/grid all sections.

When issuing notices from the Levy Wizard, the lot information grid was not correctly updated to reflect the appropriate delivery preferences. This issue has been resolved. 

Runtime error on clicking the chain link button from Strata Hub register.

An error was presented when selecting the Chain Link button in the Strata Hub Process screen for Strata Plans displayed on the right side of the grid. This has now been resolved. 

Error 3604 Voting Register Report

An error was found when running a voting register for a meeting with more than 20 motions. This issue has been resolved. 

Document Register | Levy Folder

Levy Notices saved to the Strata Master Document Register using an Alpha Value in the Lot field were not saving correctly. This has been resolved. 

Show Invoice - Strata Connect

Under certain circumstances, the link to display Creditor Invoices in Strata Connect was not working correctly in Quick Reports. This has been resolved. 

24/05/2023 8:49 am AEST

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