iPayRent – Tenant Download Set Up

Setting iPayRent Tenant Download in REST

  1. Set up of the Tenant Download is in the Company Details. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details. Click on the Charges & Taxes tab and then click on Bank download /Configure/View at the bottom of the screen.

You will need a response code provided from Rockend Support to Add or Edit the configuration

  1. A prompt will appear, Select to Configure download
  2. Select to Add bank and enter the response code provided by Rockend Support as shown below

  1. The Add Bank download Configuration screen will appear as shown next

  1. Choose the Bank/Symbol of Generic
  2. Enter the Account number enter your Trust account number without the BSB
  3. Select bank download directory - Enter the path where the download file will be saved
  4. Click on OK F12
10/03/2016 10:09 am AEDT

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