General guide for performing an in place upgrade of SQL Express 2008 to 2014

This document MUST be forwarded to your IT Technician for them to perform the upgrade process.

Please refer to the Microsoft KB article below if you wish to upgrade to SQL 2016 or higher as there are additional steps required.

Items to check:

  • A Strata Master username and password will be required for final testing
  • SQL Server is hosted on a supported Windows Operating System
  • Confirm that there is only the Strata Master database where the SQL instance is running
  • Contact MRI Support If Strata Master is integrated with File Smart running in the same SQL instance
  • Back up the Strata Master database before proceeding

Check and confirm the SQL instance version:

  1. Retrieve the SQL instance where Strata Master is connected by opening the Strata.udl located in c:\strata folder by default. 
  2. Using SQL Management Studio, login to the SQL instance (i.e. SERVERNAME\ROCKEND)
  3. Go to Properties and check the version number

The following steps are intended for clients with SQL Server 2008 R2 or older on a SQL 32 Bit Edition for their Strata Master Server that requires upgrading it to SQL Server 2014 Express.

NOTE: Please check the Details to determine which installer file to download. In this scenario, we are using a 32 Bit version, downloading SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe.

  1. Go to Microsoft website and download the official version of SQL 2014 express. 
  2. Right click on SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe and Run as administrator
  3. On the Installation Type page, of the SQL Server Installation Center, select Upgrade from SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012
  4. Select the Use Microsoft Update to check for updates (recommended) and click Next
  5. Read the license terms and select on I accept to proceed to Next
  6. Select the Strata Master SQL instance in the drop down list to upgrade and click Next. To confirm, open the Strata.udl (i.e. SERVERNAME\ROCKEND)
  7. Click Close once the upgrade status is a success
  8. Check and confirm that SQL instance. The ROCKEND instance should now be on version 12.x.xxxx
  9. Launch Strata Master and Login, this should be an adequate test to confirm SQL is up and running.

Excuse us as we migrate our knowledgebase over from Rockend to MRI! You may see some old Rockend contact details across the site, but please contact MRI Support if you have any questions about this article or feel free to use the same support phone number below.

08/09/2021 5:46 pm AEST

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