iPayRent – Disabling “Allow Inexact Amount” for Tenant Download


When processing tenant download in REST it will receipt all funds to rent regardless of whether the funds should be allocated to a tenant invoice for example water usage.

The below steps will setup an option that will only allow REST to receipt the exact amounts of the rental


If a tenant is paying $200 per week, Rest will only allow multiples of that amount such as $400 or $600. Odd amounts like $450 will not be receipted and appear on the rejected items report.

Steps to disable inexact amount

  1. Go into Other > Utilities > System Options and select the Transaction Tab
  2. Make sure the option Allow inexact amount in tenant download is un ticked as shown below

  1. Click on Ok F12 to save.
02/02/2016 10:49 am AEDT

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