Quick List for Checking Online Voting Set up in Strata Master

This article will assist when 

  • setting up online voting
  • a Lot Owner or other registered voter claims they cannot vote online. Some items may not directly apply however is best to check all steps.
  • a Lot Owner or other registered voter claims they cannot find the required meeting on the portal
  • other queries above online voting.  Note that if a voter cannot login refer to this article - https://kb.rockend.com/help/owner-unable-to-login-to-owner-portal

Note that this article is not for use when Voter cannot log in to the portal at all

There are a number of locations where items need to be actioned, ticked or otherwise enabled.

1. Navigate to Configure > Agency > Licencing

On this page, web access needs to be ticked.

2. Click on Corp icon > Select the Plan involved > General tab

On the General tab  there should be a tick Online Voting Approved, with a date entered.

3. Navigate to Meeting Register and select the relevant meeting

There needs to be a tick in "Allow Online Voting" column and also in column for "Open for Online voting

4. Navigate to Strata$ folder (on your server) and within that the Template Folder

 Within the template folder you should have a Voting Invitation template for Printing or Emailing.

5. Meeting Agenda > invitations have been issued

Check your document management or Outlook Sent box  for copies of documents sent. Letters are sent via Reports > Mail Merge and the standard Template appears as below.

6. Navigate to Configure > Communicator Configuration > Meetings 

Ensure that this page is completed as required. You should have ticks in place for meetings to show for Owners and Committee.

Along with wording for Yes, No and Abstain

7. Navigate to Configure > Web Access Wizard > Meetings ticked

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06/09/2022 6:51 pm AEST

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