Runtime Error 75 when Merging in REST Professional


Runtime Error 75 may be encountered when merging from REST to a Word Document if the Windows user account does not have full access rights to the C:\REST folder and all files and folders within it.


  1. Check that when the merge was being done on the specific workstation, that the Word document was not already open whilst trying to merge. If it was, shut down the document and the Word program, then try the merge again

  2. If this does not overcome, do a quick test of your permissions on the C:\REST folder. To test:

  •  Go to Start Menu > Computer
  • Browse to the C:\REST folder
  •  Locate the folder called configdatasources, right click on the folder and click rename, then rename the file to be configdatasources.old

If you get a Permission Denied message, this will indicate the user account for Windows does not have sufficient permissions to the C:\REST folder. You require permissions to be set to ‘Read, write, create, delete and modify’.

  1. To change the permissions you will need Administrator Login and change as follows:

  •  Browse to C:\REST right click on the mouse and select Properties
  •  Select the Security Tab
  •  Ensure the new user account (or the "Everyone" group) has full control of the C:\REST folder.
  •  Click Apply and OK to save the changes
  •  Restart your computer and you will be able to successfully mail merge from REST without any errors.

NOTE: You may be required to contact your IT support for assistance with Administrator Access.

02/02/2016 10:55 am AEDT

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