Statement Printing – Couldn’t Find the Image File

You may encounter the following message when sending Owner Statements, Tenant Invoices or Creditor
Remittance etc.

If the error message “couldn’t find the image file” generates, this means that REST is trying to locate the logo to attach to the top of the statement but cannot find the path. If you have changed server locations or had some changes to your environment you may need to re-save this information for the logo to be printed on the statements.

  1. Go to Other >Utilities > Company Details and click on the Defaults Tab and make sure that you have the logo saved in the browse section.

  1. Ensure that Print Logo is ticked.
  2. Ensure that you have a valid path to where the image is saved. If the image has been moved or the path has changed, you will need to click on browse and browse to the location of the saved jpg.

It is recommended that you save the image to the server location so anyone printing statements, invoices and remittances can access this location.

  1. Click OK-F12 to save changes.
17/10/2017 5:29 am AEDT

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