Issue Printing to File Smart - Unable to Open File


When printing to File Smart Archive, you may have an error where the tif file is unable to be opened. The following instructions will assist to overcome this issue. 


  • Open the required PDF you wish to print to File Smart on your desktop or in the location it has been saved to on your computer
  • Go to File > Print (or click on the printer icon) and this will load the print screen
  • Select fileSMART Archive as the printer and press Advanced > tick "Print as Image" > OK and Print

Once the setting is saved, you will not need to select it again as it will save for the option of printing to FileSMART Archive. 

NOTE: if the "Print as Image" option is greyed out you will need to call you IT to discuss this with them to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader in order for this option to be available. 

30/12/2020 12:51 pm AEDT

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