Barcode Scanning for Creditor Invoices in Strata Master and File Smart

Barcode scanning for Creditor Invoices automates the processing of large batches of invoices, for payment by Bulk BPAY.

Using a handheld barcode scanner to scan each invoice Strata Master will automatically identify which plan the invoice relates to and record the invoice amount and CRN. When all the invoices have been scanned, you can process the invoices which record them against each creditor ready for payment. This can be completed by launching the Bulk Creditor Invoices, under the Accounting > Creditor Invoices sub-menu.

Where your agency has enabled File Smart Workflows, this barcode template and CRN recorded for each strata plan will auto-populate invoice data. 

Setting up a Barcode Template 

When you have attended an online training session, and unlocked the scanning functionality you must setup the barcode template for your Creditors. This is a one off task per creditor.

  1. Go to Manage > Creditors.
  2. Search and display the appropriate creditor.
  3. Go to the Barcode tab and select edit.
  4. Place the cursor in the field labelled Scan Barcode Test
  5. Scan the barcode in the footer of the first invoice. A number will display in the Scan Barcode Test field

  1. Identify where the CRN/ Reference and Amount of the bill can be found within the scanned barcode.

  1. Use the legend to define the setup of the barcode as per the following example, entering R for each digit of the CRN, $ for each digit of the Amount, and # for each value that should be ignored. All zeros displayed before the Amount value should be considered part of the amount.

  1. Confirm the barcode template setup in the Sample Results pane match the CRN/ Reference and the Amount of the invoice you have scanned.

Setting up to read QR Code from File Smart

File Smart also supports Workflows where a QR code is displayed on a BPAY invoice. To facilitate this data extraction File Smart simply requires the creditor to be setup for payment by Bulk BPAY in Strata Master.

File Smart will identify the creditor by matching the Biller Code in the QR Code on the invoice with the Biller code in STRATA Master. 

The remaining fields on the invoicing tab in File Smart will be pre-populated including the BPAY CRN where it is already recorded in Strata Master.

There is no need to setup a barcode template for QR Codes.

Further details are available in the knowledgebase search for Workflow QR Code Setup and Use. 

18/09/2020 11:43 am AEST

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