You are licenced for xxxx Concurrent Users Message


The following message may be encountered when accessing the REST Program.

You will receive this message if you have exceeded your user licence limit.

This message can also be generated whilst in REST and may indicate that the server is restricting access to some files that REST Professional is trying to access on the server.


This message indicates that the user does not have full permissions to access files on the server. To overcome, ensure that all windows user accounts have read, write, create, delete and modify access permissions to the share where the REST Professional data files are located.

  1. Ascertain the location of the REST folders on the server i.e. \\server\rest\data
  2. Browse to the location and right click on the REST folder
  3. Click on the Security Tab
  • Ensure Group or Usernames is set to Everyone
  • Permissions for Everyone – Full Control
  1. Click OK to apply the changes

You can test to see if a user has full permissions by trying to rename a file within the data folder i.e. rmusrs (change to rmusrs.old). If you are denied access to make this change, you do not have full permissions on the folder.

These instructions may vary depending what version of windows you are running. If you require further information or are not able to access and change the server settings, please contact your IT Support.

07/03/2016 2:29 pm AEDT

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