Assigning a Debt Collector to a Plan/Owners Corporation in Strata Master

Maintaining a good relationship with a  Debt Collection company is an integral part of Strata Management.

It is preferable that one company is appointed as the Debt Collection process is smoother when the Debt Collection group is known.

This article will show where and how to add the Debt Collector details to the Plan when the Plan is being taken on and commencing data is being added.

Navigating to the Field for Entry of Details

1. Click on the Corp icon in the Icon Toolbar.

2. Then click on the Financial tab on the left hand side of the screen. 

3. The screen below opens.

4. On the right hand side of the Financial tab, there is a 'Debt Recovery' section.

5. Click Edit Button 

6. Use the drop down to select the Creditor Card for the Debt Collection Agency.

7. Click Save

Why is it necessary to select a Debt Collector for the Plan?

When a Plan reaches Stage 3 of the Debt collection process, legal action commences as illustrated in the screenshot below, showing the action of Legal Action commencing in Stage 3. 

The process that then forwards the instruction to the Debt Collection Agency, through the screen below, which will only show Plans that are assigned to the Debt Collector who is selected in the screen.

Utilising only one Debt Collection Agency for the entire portfolio simply ensures the Corporation set up is quick and easy and the debt collector screen not left blank while waiting for further information. Also it ensures that any Lot assigned to stage 3 will be reflected in the Debt Collection screen above.

It is of course, your Agencies decision whether to use more than one Collection Agency.

04/05/2022 6:57 pm AEST

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