realbenchmark Setup Guide

REST Professional now includes realbenchmark an online KPI & Benchmarking Dashboard.

  • View your businesses Key Performance indicators online on a simple easy to read dashboard
  • Review up to 13 months at a time to identify and track trends within your business
  • Identify areas to improve the efficiency within your business
  • Identify areas their team is performing well in and
  • Benchmark your businesses KPI’s with other similar businesses.


  1. You must be running REST Professional version 14.5.07 or greater with REST Communicator installed. Please see the REST Communicator Installation Guide for detailed instructions on installing REST Communicator.
  2. REST Communicator must only be installed on one machine. To identify the machine that has REST Communicator installed.
    1. Click Other > Utilities > REST Communicator Configuration Tool

    2. In the Menu, click the Installation button

    3. In the Local Message Handlers section, the Computer Name noted against your database is the machine on which REST Communicator is installed.


If you cannot select the Active checkbox on the Communicator Configuration Tool either Communicator has not been installed correctly or it is installed on more than one machine.

Please click Here for further troubleshooting guides with REST Communicator.

Activation Instructions

  1. Launch the REST Communicator Configuration Tool on REST server (In REST Professional Other > Utilities > Communicator Configuration Tool
  2. Select Realbenchmark from the menu items on the left hand side.

  1. Select the database and tick the checkbox Active

  1. The realbenchmark Terms and Conditions will display

  1. Select Agree to continue

To add a New User

  1. To add a New User enter the users email address and select Add

  1. The new user will display in the list below and a tray icon will display on the bottom right hand side of the screen ‘User Registered’.

  1. An activation email will be sent to the new users email address.    The user will need to click on the link in the email to complete the registration process.  This email token has an expiration of 7 days. 
  2. Complete the user registration by completing the mandatory fields and setting up a password.

  1. Select Register and the user will be logged onto realbenchmark
  2. Once the user has been registered their status will be displayed as Registered on the Communicator Configuration Tool

Also See

For more information on using realbenchmark see the realbenchmark help centre and knowledgebase within realbenchmark.

REST Communicator Installation Guide

  Discover realbenchmark with our Live Online Training or on demand webinar.

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