How to Setup Buildings in REST Professional


You can use Buildings in rest if you are managing commercial properties that share outgoings.  You can enquire on building details i.e. outgoings for the building.  You are also able to access the properties that are attached to the building directly from the building details.

Setting up buildings against commercial properties also allows you to print tenancy schedules, critical information reporting and YTD disbursement reports.

This document will cover the following:

  • How to Add a Building

  • How to Attach Buildings to the Property Card

  • How to Delete a Building

How to Add a Building

  1. Go to Files >  Building

  1. Click on the ADD MODE button and enter the details of the building on the tabs:
  • General – general details of the building including the volume/folio number, description, groups, number of levels, and information pertaining to the area size

  • Outgoings – this page relates to the outgoings that are divided amongst the tenants that occupy the building and is for information only. It is not used in any calculations.

  • Notes – Enter any details about this building that you wish to refer to in the future.

  • Properties – Once you have attached buildings, a list of the properties attached to this building is displayed here.  You may access any of the properties by either:

a) Double clicking on the require property

b) Highlighting the property and clicking once on the 'go to property' button

  1. click OK-F12

How to Attach a Building to the Property Card

  1. Go to Files > Property

  2. Click on the Commercial Tab

  3. Put in the first few letters of the building name and Press enter, or alternatively don’t enter anything and a list of buildings will come up.Select the Building

  4. Click OK-F12

    NOTE: Once this has been setup you can Go to Building straight form the Commercial tab as well as Detach Building at anytime.

How to Delete a Building

  1. Go to Files > Property

  2. Click on the Commercial Tab

  3. Click on Detach Building

  4. Click OK-F12

    NOTE: Ensure that all properties attached to the building are detached in this way

  5. Go to Files > Building

  6. Bring up the Building to be deleted

  7. Click on Delete-F3 – Say Yes went prompted “Are you sure you want to delete”

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