How to update your Company email address in REST Professional


The Company email address in REST is used to display on all company header information but it is also the email address that will be utilised if you choose to set up and use SMTP (direct through your mail server instead of your outlook) in REST for bulk emailing.

Any emails sent via SMTP will come from the Company Email address and this is where your recipients will reply to.

If you wish to set up SMTP please refer to: How to Setup SMTP in REST Professional


  1. Go to Other > Utilities > Company Details

  2. Click on the General tab

  3. Update the Email address field to what you require



Note: If you use fileSMART for emailing at all this email address will not be referred to by fileSMART. This will need to be configures separately within fileSMART.
23/06/2017 9:43 am AEST

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